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Shiatsu Summer Courses 2024

10th to  17th of August

24th  to 31st  of

Arrival afternoon / evening of first day. The course starts the following morning. Departure on the last day after breakfast.


The school is 10 minutes from Marbella and there is easy parking, or we can pick you up from the bus station


Escuela Europea de Shiatsu

Paseo del Nacimiento 30

Ojén 29610 Málaga

00 34 952 88 13 74

00 34 691 60 60 23 (mobile and Whatsapp)


Half board, in the evening participants can enjoy the restaurants and bars in the village or in Marbella

Food is vegetarian and you can see some of the dishes we will prepare at:

Classes are in English and Spanish and we normally have a fair mix of nationalities


  • Option 1: Course without lodging, lunch included                                              525€


  • Option 2: With lodging at the school or in a house in the village.

      Sharing a room. Course +breakfast +lunch                                                        785€


For other options for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people please check availability and price


Inscription: 95€ (Included in the price)

To pay the inscription by credit card or paypal



Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” in Japanese. It is a system of bodywork based on the wisdom of traditional oriental medicine. It stimulates and harmonises a persons vital energy to promote health and well-being.

For the practitioner of shiatsu it is both a way of helping others and a path of personal development.



The European Shiatsu School

The school was founded in England in 1984 and has a wide network of branches throughout Europe, teaching a common program and maintaining a high standard of professionalism.

The Spanish National Shiatsu Association APSE

Our courses follow the standards set by the Spanish National Shiatsu Association APSE and the European Shiatsu Federation. (, which unites the national shiatsu associations within Europe. To ensure a high standard of studies and the recognition of our graduates in Spain and Europe.


All our teaching staff have extensive experience in the teaching and practice of Shiatsu. As well as professional knowledge in other related disciplines: oriental and western medicine, martial arts, yoga, qi gong, teaching and personal development.


Brian Carling Graduated in England has practised and taught shiatsu in Spain since 1987. President of the European Shiatsu Federation for 7 years.

Sara Carling:  Began her training as a Shiatsu Therapist at the European School of Shiatsu in Malaga when she was just 16 years old. She completed her shiatsu teacher training in 2012.
Shiatsu has been present all her life, learning from her father Brian Carling. Who has taught her that Shiatsu is not just a therapy, but a way of life. 
Currently, she practices and teaches Shiatsu Profesional courses at all levels  in Andalusia.


The Foundation Course is complete in itself. It is for those people seeking basic practical understanding of shiatsu which they can use with their friends and family or as a complement their professional work.

It is a requirement to follow the PRACTITIONER COURSE and forms the first term of that course.

The course is a practical way to establish contact with the body and its vital energy and widen our understanding of health.

The course is given in English and Spanish according to the participants, course notes are available in both languages.


  • Complete Shiatsu Sequences in prone , supine, side lying and sitting positions.

  • Techniques, postures and methods of pressure, use of the Hara.

  • Introduction to the Zen Shiatsu meridians.

  • Pressure points, points to relieve common ailments.

  • Exercises: Do-In Makko-Ho y Qi Gong. Self massage and stretching to increase our own energy and well-being.

  • Introduction to Traditional Oriental Medicine.







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Shiatsu Formación
Grupo de shiatsu en la sala
La Escuela Europea de Shiatsu
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